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Spectacular“ Beijing 8-Minute Show ”at Closing Ceremony of Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Technologically Supported by BIT

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  Translator: News Agency of BIT Li Siyu

  Editor: News Agency of BIT Zhao Jie




  On the evening of February 25, 2018, the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics drew the curtain and at the closing ceremony, the fabulous “Beijing 8- minute show” displayed a wonderful Chinese moment to the world. A virtual visual team organized by Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) provides powerful technical support and guarantee for it.

  By convention, there will be 8-minute show time for the next host of the Olympics at the closing ceremony. As the host of the 2022 Winter Games, Beijing brings a performance not only integrating roller skating actors, GMG Floor, dynamic video and puppets but also first using 24 stealth robots so as to show the characteristics of icing sports and Chinese culture, which perfectly demonstrates the spirit of “Humanistic Olympics” and “Scientific Olympics”, displays fascinating charm of China in modern times to the world, sends the invitation of gathering at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and symbolizes the formal Beijing period of Winter Games.




  In June of 2017, basing on the rich experience and technical advantages of BIT by serving large national activities for many years together with the feature of this performance, Beijing Winter Olympic Committee officially consigned Ding Gangyi team of School of Software with the task of organizing a virtual vision team to provide scientific support and guarantee for the performance. BIT paid high attention to the task and seriously prepared for it, consistently optimizing the functional demands of the rehearsal system in six months in order to perfectly present the idea of Director Zhang Yimou and his team. Since the last October, teachers and students of BIT have confronted the harsh weather and persisted in working outside in coldness for over two months, assisting the director team to finish the design and implementation of the drilling and rehearsal.  




  Aiming at the variety of performance elements, the complexity of the show and the high relevance of each link, BIT virtual vision team using film virtual technology and digital performance and simulation technique specially created an art rehearsal system and a digital verification system which can simulate the whole performance according to the design project, ensuring the previous creative design and the success of the rehearsal and winning the praise from both the director group and the performance teams.



  Director Zhang Yimou using the rehearsal system developed by BIT to explain


  The art performance rehearsal system is able to present the real effect of all kinds of performance plans through its visual interface and data output carriers such as pictures and videos, helping the director optimize and perfect the performance plan so as to decide a final one. The rehearsal and digital verification system can transform the creative data into the executive data, guide the performance elements to rehearse and ensure the consistency and accuracy of the data in terms of time and space. At the same time, it will synchronize the modified executive data with the performance elements, helping the director observe the formation of actors and property in real time in order to better guide the rehearsal of the following programs and make the actors recognize their deviation from the expected movement in a straightforward way so as to correct themselves in time and quickly get familiar with the performance plan. 




  In addition, our team basing on the binocular augmented reality intelligent glasses developed independently by BIT visually transformed the giant panda, the core performance property, adding a pan-tilt to the external camera and combining with the smart glasses of internal performers, thus solving the problem that the performers inside the property cannot completely observe the external because of the differences of lights inside and outside. Besides, our team also undertook the task of countdown during the entire show, connecting all technique teams so as to assure the consistency of each equipment in rehearsal. Moreover, we developed the special tool for countdown of going to Pyeongchang and one of its function called “Today’s Star” showing the best performer depending on the data analysis got highly spoken, giving great encouragement to the whole team and building an active rehearsal atmosphere. 

  The virtual vision team which successfully fulfilled the task is from the laboratory of digital performance and simulation technology of BIT, which has contributed to national important events for many years. It once provided technological support for the opening and closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and won it high praise. Besides, the team also undertook a series of tasks and major projects like “simulation and command system of mass pageant on the 60th anniversary of National Day”, “digital simulation system of the 60th anniversary of National Day party”, “stage digital simulation system of 2010-2018 CCTV Spring Festival evening gala”, “national scientific support plan—key technical research and system of stage design as well as set and rehearsal”,“research and service for management system of people attending the commemorative meeting of the 70th anniversary of anti-Japanese war” and “balloon flying design and simulation system control of the commemorative meeting of the 70th anniversary of anti-Japanese war”. 

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