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BIT-UCLan 20th Anniversary Celebration of Cooperative Education Program in Electronic Engineering is held successfully

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  Translator: News Agency of BIT  Miu Yufei

  Editor: News Agency of BIT




  For 20 years, we push forward each other, hand in hand; For 20 years, we have nothing to regrets, side by side.

  For 20 years,you sing a aria named “From the Ground to the Sun”, making international education shared by more Chinese students.

  For 20 years, I play a march called “Developing virtues for seeking truth, Pursuing study for perfecting practice”, letting more Chinese students making their way to the world.

  In 2018, we have already walked hand in hand for 20 years. Let us celebrate the decent achievement attained by the Electronic Engineering Sino-British Cooperative Program in twenty years. 

  On June 23th, the 20th anniversary celebration for the Sino-British Cooperative Education Program in respect of bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering operated by Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT) and University of Central Lancashire(UCLan) was hold in the Office of International Students of BIT. Senior vice-president of UCLan Liz Bromley, vice-president Tim Steele, executive dean of Department of Science and Technology Martin Brown, chief professor of Engineering Lik-kwan Shark, curriculum project supervisor of Engineering Wei Quan, project manager of Office of International education Sarah Johnston, vice-president of BIT Long Teng, the principal from Office of Organization, School of International Education and School of Information and Electronics, as well as the representations  from cooperating organization, alumni, existing teachers and students in Sino-British Cooperative Class of Electronic Engineering was invited to the celebration.




  In the celebration, Long Teng addressed all the pupils and staff. After recalling the 20-year experience of educational cooperation between two schools, he pointed out that it is the educational concept and value that kept this program forging ahead. The sustainable implement and development, not only fuel China with a vast number of electronic engineering talents, but also yield fruitful results in wisdom sharing, knowledge intercourse, teachers exchange-visits, scientific & research cooperation, personnel training and so on. He expected that Sino-British Cooperative Class of Electronic Engineering can give full play to the edge of international cooperation project confirmed by the Ministry of Education, through the model of transnational cultivation to make the international experiences accessible to students. By following this path, students will become high-quality and inter-disciplinary talents owning internationally compatible and sturdy basics, engineering practice ability and high innovation capability. He expressed a burning desire that BIT and UCLan could enrich the cooperation content, expand the cooperation field, truly shape a featured and high-quality internationally educational projects, exploring the reproducible experience for the international education and add vivid colors for the BIT construction of “Doubt First-rate”.




  Liz Bromley delivered a speech representing UCLan, she expressed her deep honor as a representative to attend this celebration. She recalled the cooperation history between two schools, which began in 1998. The maintaining and the enhancement of 20-year cooperation can not live up with the joint effect made by faculty and students of two sides. Currently, the across-school teaching intercourse, summer camp and varies cooperation enlighten the connotation of international education. At the same time, the significance of strategy of bilateral partnership was emphasized by her. In terms of the following work, she expressed that the international collaborative project such as international summer school, internationally united laboratory, the combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program and the joined study of bachelor and doctoral degree are expected to be deepened and carried out, with a hope for the cooperation between two schools will flourish on the solid basis.




  In the 20-year celebration, Si Liming, vice president of BIT of International Education ——Chinese executing institute of electronic engineering, made public his farsighted and sagacious view concerning the further developing mission and orientation of Sino-British Cooperative Program of Electronic Engineering. He pointed out that the advancement of electronic engineering Sino-British Cooperative Class of Electronic Engineering should be placed under the frame of BIT developing strategy, landing in the right place and producing a peculiar effect. At present, BIT of Information and Electronics is making every effect to press ahead with all the work on the base of “Double First-rate” construction and implementation plan established by the school. The college attach great significance on the exploration of international talent-cultivating model, having already established a close bond with more than 40 schools from 16 countries and regions. The ever-closing cooperation between two schools lasting last 20 years is exactly the profound practice of the international education policy.

  Vice-dean of UCLan Martin Brown, dean of BIT of International Education Mei Wengbo and Sha Liqun, a professor at UCLan of Engineering delivered a speech, respectively. They recalled and witnessed the twenty years of growth and glory in the Sino-British Cooperative Class of Electronic Engineering. The representatives from both sides discussed the international talent-cultivating model, expressing the hope that a closer cooperation concerning scientific research, team building, teachers and talents cultivation can be built in the near future.




  In the 20th bilateral celebration, there are roughly a hundred of alumni arrived from all over the world. In the celebration, both the alumni and existing student representation of Sino-British Cooperative Class of Electronic Engineering recalled the school days in the Sino-British Collaborative Program of BIT, taking this opportunity to thank the teachers, who open the door to access the knowledge and truth, teach the advanced knowledge and technology, pass on an inclusive and open attitude to the world, make them establish concept of lifelong learning and lay a solid foundation for winning a brilliant life. They expressed, the 20 years of Sino-British Cooperative Class of Electronic Engineering is the witness of transmission. The people-oriented teaching concept is perseveringly carried on. With respect to the educational aspect, the school always give priority to the high-quality teaching materials, optimized management mode and experienced teachers, setting a new chapter for the development of Sino-British Cooperative Class.




  A prize-awarding ceremony for the outstanding students from Sino-British Cooperative Class of Electronic Engineering was also held, in which Liz Bromley awarded the students carrying off prizes commemorative certificates.

  This 20th anniversary ceremony not only witnessed the brilliant achievement of Sino-British Collaborative Program, but also became a milestone in the path of BIT international education. After the presentations, the communication was going on in the carefree atmosphere. The alumni, former teachers and students enjoyed their conversation, recalling their experience of studying both in BIT and the UCLan and speaking glowingly of the accomplishment achieved in their career. At the same time, the constructive suggestions concerning the school’s philosophy, school-running patterns and teaching approach were also put forward.


  A brief introduction of the Sino-British Cooperative Class of Electronic Engineering between BIT and UCLan : 

  Sino-British Cooperative Education Program in respect of bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering operated by Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT) and University of Central Lancashire(UCLan) is a full-time independent recruitment education program approved by the Ministry of Education (License number of Chinese and Foreign Cooperation of Education : MOE11GB2A19980919O), which started from 1998, undertook by the BIT of  Information and Electronics, along with the 20-year school running experience, and is one of the programs owing most impressive effects and longest history. Sino-British Cooperative Education Program the independent recruitment education, listed in the appointed enrollment plan of Ministry of Education with 60 students being hired. There are roughly 800 graduated students, with 90% of students being admitted into the college or universities in British or other countries to prepare for the master degree or to directly go head for a doctor degree. This project adopts the professional teaching plan, instructional programme and English textbook from UCLan, thus the undergraduate students can obtain the bachelor’s degree diploma awarded by the UCLan (BEng(Hons)) after finishing school, which is the same as the diploma received by the students studying at the University of Central Lancashire. The government of China guarantees the authentication of Overseas Student Service in Ministry of Education. In the name of this diploma, students can take part in the recruitment examination of civil servant, public institution, state-owned enterprise, overseas-funded enterprise, as well as the inland Graduate Record Examination and application for the master’s study or doctor’s study in foreign elite school with an IELTS free. The graduate students from this program distribute among scientific research institutions of engineering department and national defense, R&D institute, enterprise and public institution, national ministries and commissions, troops, large-scale private operated and world-renowned overseas-funded enterprise, such as the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation(CASC), China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation(CASIC), China North Industries Group Corporation(CNGC), China Electronic Technology(CETC), IBM Corporation, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., China’s ZTE Corporation, China Mobile, colleges and universities, the Institute of Electronics for Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Central Television(CCTV), and so on.

  Belief Introduction to partly alumni from Sino-British Cooperative Education Program:


  Sheng Yun, the class of 1998, graduated as a doctor from Surrey University, now teaching as a professor in East China Normal University.

  Bai Yu, the class of 2003, graduated as a doctor from University of London, now working in

  Cheng Hongzhi, the class of 2004, graduated as a doctor from University of Central Lancashire, now working at Luo si (Shanghai) consulting co. LTD.

  Han Yanhui, the class of 2011, now studying as a Mechanical Engineering doctor in Beijing Institute od Technology.

  Liu Han, the class of 2012, now studying as Information and Communication Engineering doctor in Beijing Institute of Technology.

  Liu Bing, the class of 2000, graduated as a master from University of London, now working as a chairman at Chellona Mobile Communications Corporation.

  Fang Jiayuan, the class of 2002, graduated as master from University of Bristol, now working as a CEO of Chinese Zone at Gameloft.

  Liang Yafei, the class of 2003, graduated as master from Imperial College, now working as a vice-general manager at Seeks technology (Beijing) co. LTD

  Wang Hang, the class of 2005, graduated as master from University of London, now working at Department of Transportation of Henan province.

  Wu Bingjian, the class of 2006, graduated as a master from University of Cambridge, now working as a vice-president at Jianfeng changqing investment co. LTD

  Zeng Guanwei, the class of 2007, graduated as a master from University of Cambridge, now working as a CEO and a founder at Beijing wolfson technology co. LTD

  Sun Xu, the class of 2008, graduated as a master from University of Bristol, now working as a manager at Citic trust co. LTD

  Zhou Mo, the class of 2012, graduated as a master from University of Bristol, now working at Tsinghua University.


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