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Professor Xiangfeng Duan from UCLA Makes Academic Report invited by School of Materials and Engineering of BIT

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  On June 28th, worldwide top 20 material scientist, Professor Duan Xiangfeng from University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) paid an official visit to Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), and made an academic report in at special researcher at Li Yujing’s invitation from School of Materials Science and Engineering. Professor Zhang Qingshan, dean of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Professor Zhang Jiatao, associate dean of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Professor Yao Yugui, Dean of School of Physics, Professor Cao Chuanbao from School of Materials Science and Engineering, Professor Zou Bingsuo from School of Physics, Researcher Wang Yeliang from Chinese Academic of Science, Professor Qi Chen, Professor Li Hongbo from School of Materials Science and Engineering , more than ten young teachers from School of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Aerospace Engineering, School of Frontier Intersection, School of Physics and more than 100 students attended this academic report. On behalf of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Professor Zhang Qingshan expressed a warm welcome to Professor Duan Xiangfeng, the report was hosted by Professor Zhang Jiatao.




  Professor Duan Xiangfeng made an academic report entitled “Van der Waals Integration beyond 2D Materials-Pushing the Limit of 2D Electronics”. He raised a theory using different 2D materials to construct novel high efficiency microsatellite devices through intermolecular interaction of van der Waals, showed research findings published in Periodicals such as Nature and Science in the recent two years. The report explained profound theories in simple language, Professor Duan also made a lively discussion and communication with the teachers and student present. He also made an instruction on English teaching of material chemistry major, international training of graduate students which had a great promoting effect in promoting new materials frontier international exchanges, and training of internationalized talents.




  【Brief introduction of the reporter】

  Professor Duan Xiangfeng is a tenured professor at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). In 1997, he graduated from University of Science & Technology China and then went to Harvard University to finish his master's degree and doctorate degree. 2001-2008 years as a cofounder of the Nanosys high-tech company in the United States, he has been a joint technical consultant, advanced technology scientist, advanced technology scientist, advanced technology department manager and chief scientist. He was the appointed assistant professor of UCLA in 2008 and promoted to a tenured professor in 2013. In March 2, 2011, Thomson Reuters Group published the list of the top one hundred material scientists Hall of fame in the world for 2000-2010 years. There were 15 Chinese scientists who ranked twentieth in the world and seventh in Chinese. Professor Duan Xiangfeng has presided over many important topics, such as the National Science Foundation of the United States and the National Institute of health research in the United States, and has published more than 44000 papers. In the last 2 years, he has published more than 6 papers in Science and Nature's main journal. It has produced international research results in the field of nanoscale electronic devices and nanoscale energy materials.

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